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    2004 Honda Odyssey Review, Ody_odd

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?2004 Honda Odyssey that is manufactured in Canada has bad interior finish. Plastic air vents have got rough edges that could cut any child's fingers easily.
 General comments?I financed a new 2004 Odyssey about two weeks ago, after being inspired by the ownership of similar vehicles with my friends. I traded-in my 2001 Mazda MPV-ES against the new purchase.
Becoming an owner of 2004 EX-L was overwhelming my spirits. I hurriedly and anxiously waited for the delivery. The following day after delivery ?? under the bright sunlight ?? I noticed few things against the workmanship of the said vehicle. The dashboard plastic is crookedly manufactured. All plastic moldings for the plastic parts were not properly checked before installation. I felt disappointed and took Odyssey to my friend??s place for comparison with his 2003 Odyssey. There was no relevance of the same issues that I noticed in my new one.

My previous MPV-ES was manufactured in Japan ?? and I believe Japanese are almost perfect in their workmanship. They do not let any un-intentional errors pass over to the customers. I was used to of the elegance & perfection. This appearance of Odyssey came to me as a shock. I felt like I was ripped-off of the trade. I thought initially that I would feel pride and satisfaction for owning this piece of equipment.

I have got three kids that will ride in this minivan and my biggest concern is that they will get themselves hurt or cut by the crooked plastic edges in different passenger locations.

Review 2004 Honda Odyssey Ody_odd
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