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 2003 Honda Odyssey Review, John Handy, From Nipomo, CA Us

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The seats can not be configured to carry long loads and 4 people at the same time
 General comments?The Honda Odyssey is rated as the safest minivan by the latest issue of Consumer Reports Magazine. I found the safety belts to be a serious safety deficiency, which you really should re-look. Please take a common baby seat with a detachable base (ours is a Graco Snug Ride, model number 8457TMJ) and install it in a second or third row seat. Using the belt tensioner correctly, (pull all the way out, let go, snug the belt tight you can get the bay seat base to nestle quite well against the car seat bottom. Then just to make sure you are ready to go, wiggle the base, but not too darn vigorously. Mine base nearly tilts 45 degrees. To compensate, if I buy a Honda vehicle, I will need to use the belt clip to achieve good safe fit and hold the seat belt from slipping within the baby seat base. On the other hand, the Jeep seat belt (and Chrysler mini-vans) work just fine since it binds the belt at the buckle, preventing movement of the base. This is because the belt can??t slip around as the base is wiggled. Please try this and let me know if there is something special about the Honda, which compensates for this design quirk. FYI- the Honda dealer was unaware of this design feature (floppy baby seats). If I really do need to use the belt clip, then I would say that the Chrysler mini-van is patently safer since it doest require the driver to be smarter then the vehicle.
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Review 2003 Honda Odyssey John Handy, From Nipomo, CA Us
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