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 2003 Honda Odyssey Review, Don

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?- expensive in EX-L trim.
- no exterior temp and compass
- needs lighted controls on door and wheel.
- my slurpee cup rolls around if placed on the floor. This is because, even though there are 10 cupholders, they are mostly big enough to hold a small coffee only. Some are so badly designed that the cup will fall out if your not careful. honda fix that!
- speakers could have more ooomph but it's ok for me.
- it's a minivan... I would have preferred a Porsche but it's not practical.
 General comments?There is a poster who has repeatedly put down Honda vehicles and Honda quality saying it is Honda employees posting positive reviews. First off, he should no be allowed to post this form of slander. I am not an employee of Honda, nor have ever been one. I purchased my Odyssey in Jul 2003 after finally giving up on my 1996 Buick Regal. The repairs were as much as a monthly payment on a new vehicle.

So far, we've put just over 6000kms on the van and have taken advantage of almost every option except the heated seats (not cold enough yet). I have been most impressed with it's power (240hp) and handling. The body roll in turns is minimal, handling much better than the Buick I had previously. Heck it handles better than any vehicle I've ever owned.

The model we got, the EX-L, is fully loaded. It features leather trim and a DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones and remote. We've used this a couple of times and my wife and son enjoy it while I drive on the highway. While they watch a movie I can listen to the radio or CD or tape.

This is the first foreign vehicle I have ever owned. Previously I have had GM products only. I am thoroughly pleased with the build quality of this vehicle. The dash does not squeak or rattle (which I'm used to in other vehicles, sans the Buick Regal) and controls are solid and well thought out. The vehicle has every conceivable option with the except of outside temperature and compass, which I cannot understand why it is not on a fully loaded van. As well, switches on the steering wheel and door are not lit up at night, I don't like that.

I find the room amazing. If your in the second row, you can stretch out nicely. The third row it tight but folds away. I have used the van to haul stuff and to go camping and it works very well. I'm sorry I never bought minivans earlier.

The van also has dual sliding doors which to me work well, I've had no problems, and find them a genuine convenience. The rear liftgate is not powered, but I don't mind.

I highly recommend anyone who's looking for a minivan to check out Honda's offering.
 Previous carJust domestic cars, no other minivans.

Review 2003 Honda Odyssey Don
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