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 2003 Honda Odyssey Review, Bikeracer

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Hestiation at 38 mph or so, driver's seat motor sounds like it is bad. Concern over the motors in the doors.
 General comments?We were talked into buying a Chevy Tahoe and trading our 1999 Odyssey LX in for it. Big mistake. In less than a month, we traded the Tahoe in for another Honda Odyssey (2003). My wife uses it around tawon. Great pickup, however there does seem to be some kind of odd hesitation at 38 mph or so. Haven't had it looked at, but reading other reviews - it might be a tranny problem?? Interior is fine - lots more room than the Tahoe - amazing considering thesize difference between the two vehicles. This is our 2nd Odyssey, after owning a CIVIC for nearly 10 years and a couple of Occords. IMHO - still the best mini van out there. I think the previous Odyssey was probably better quality
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