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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, AO Oye, From Lakwood, Wa, USA

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 Model, EXL RES
 What things have gone wrong with the car?No fog lights, cross bar for load, cargo cover - Some of this should be standard rather than add-on. It ended up cost more to add this items.
 General comments?Wonderful van. We've had our Odyssey over a year now and it's great!. We drove several minivans and my wife insisted on Honda. Very elegant with lots of space. It was worth the wait. At 15,000 miles, It's just great. No problem. The doors work great. We enjoy our music in front and the kids watch their DVD using head phones. Well, constantly remind the kids to turn the head phones down.

No more complaints, the whole family loves it. With the kids, you can have the MB 400SE but not the van.
 Previous carNone.

Review 2002 Honda Odyssey AO Oye, From Lakwood, Wa, USA
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