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2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey  
    2001 Honda Odyssey Review, Bob, From Coral Springs, FL, U

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Power doors slow and troublesome, too much road noise, small bits and pieces fall off, transmission holds 1st gear too long under light throttle, creak in passenger seat base, rear suspension not up to the task.
 General comments?Great vehicle, but more problems than expected on a Honda. Previous vans were '92 Grand Caravan LE and '96 Previa LE. The Honda is nearly as well-constructed and problem-free as the Previa, but with the room of the Caravan and better handling. The engine is powerful, and fairly economical on the highway. The van tows our 3000 lb boat trailer just fine, as long as there's nobody in the 3rd seat. However, numerous pieces have fallen off (door seals, seal behind rear spoiler, etc), the front passenger seat creaks and groans, and the power doors have given repeated problems. Also, the rear suspension is NOT up to dealing with 7 passengers, even when 3-4 are children. It bottoms frequently under such conditions, but there is no air spring option or the like. This is one area where the Chrysler vans have it all over the Honda -- the unloaded ride is at better (though the handling is less nimble), and their long-travel rear suspension almost never bottoms with any reasonable load.
 Previous car'92 Grand Caravan LE, '96 Previa LE, '99 Grand Voyager SE

Review 2001 Honda Odyssey Bob, From Coral Springs, FL, U
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