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2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
    2000 Honda Odyssey Review, Mnbibbins

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Door stick....transmission faulty
 General comments?I personally want the world to know how I have suffered with my Honda. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey and I have just had my transmission replaced in my Odyssey for the 4th time. Each time it has happened I have had to fight with Honda. And now, Honda has refused to pay for my rental. I am out of pocket over $400 for the rental I had to get while waiting for my new transmission. They leave you to feel as those it is your responsibility. It would have been nice for Honda to own up to their own problems they are having with their transmissions and offer me some sort of customer satisfaction by at the very least paying for my rental. When you buy a new car you expect that it will at least run a little while without a problem. And you definitely don??™t expect the transmission to go out in a year. Honda should look at the big picture??¦.if I am happy with my car I will tell other people. And in the first year before this happened I had referred 3 people to buy a Honda Odyssey, which I now regret. My story now however has changed. I tell everyone I know not to deal with Honda. And that stems from how Honda has dealt with me. At this point, my only option is to get the word out. I had made signs and placed them in my window to let everyone know that I pass??¦DO NOT BUY A HONDA. This is the least I can do to try and prevent others from going through the pain that I have. I am going to make it my personal mission to use all my resources including the news media to get the word out. Because I now drive in fear??¦every time the car jerks a little I think it is happening again. Some might say why don??™t you sell it. Why? Because knowing what I know about this car??¦.I would not be able to live with myself passing on such a problem to someone else. Honda should take this defected car back. That would be a big step in the right direction for Honda to do the right thing!

Review 2000 Honda Odyssey Mnbibbins
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