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1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
    1999 Honda Odyssey Review, Milessound, From Burbank, CA

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?@&^%$^!! AUTO-SLIDING DOORS! STEREO! PRICE! FIT AND FINISH!
 General comments?I too was sold on having the "Honda quality factor". I needed a Minivan and always wanted a Honda,perfect!Being in the sound business, hauling equiptment, I was sold on the magic seat.I looked on the enternet for info and I was sold. When I went to the dealer to ask about it, they laughed at me thinking I could get one. Then I got a call the next morning to come down, they had two. There was actual fist fights from other people the other dealers there called. I guess I wasn't supposed to be called. Anyway, after staking my spot all day, I got one. After paying "above"sticker with all the extras they could put on it,for the privledge. Now the fun part. THE @%$#&*^ SLIDING DOORS!!! Nothing but trouble. I can't even count how many times I've had them "fixed"! They even had the nerve to tell me I might have to pay for the repairs and I told them that would not be happening! Last Time about two months ago and a couple of days later, they still don't work right.On top of it,they broke the boot around the steering colunm I think the government should get in on this one. For a car that cost me this much, this is unacceptable. Also the stereo has actually $3.00 speakers. I am not kidding, check it out.The noise factor really bothers me. Between the rattles,road noise and gas tank.Who were they kidding with those speakers? To make matters worse,every time I have taken my car in for service, they break something else. Sometimes nothing to do with what they are supposed to fix! One time they blew up my stereo. When he told me I laughed thinking he was kidding. Joke on me! I agree the fit and finish of this minivan leaves much to be desired. Other than the problems, the engine is great.
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Review 1999 Honda Odyssey Milessound, From Burbank, CA
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