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My 2001 Odyssey has only 38,000 miles on it and has been sitting at the dealer for the last 3 weeks with a broken transmission. Fortunately, we purchased an extended warranty and will only be responsible for $100 of this $5,000 repair. UNFORTUNATELY, the part is BACKORDERED indefinitely and we have no idea how much longer it will take for the repair...

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2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Road Test

Honda Odyssey
5,105 mm (201 in) it's certainly close. I think what astounds me most about these behemoths is that in actuality, they are shorter than many full-size sedans. Take for example the Ford Crown Victoria: this favourite among police departments, taxi firms and rental agencies measures a whopping 5,385 mm (212 in) bumper to bumper, but at 5,486 mm (216 in), the Lincoln Towncar is the grand daddy of them all. It takes some time to get one's head around it, but the voluminous Odyssey is just slightly longer than the sporty Dodge Charger, which mocks its full-size sedan rating, in top-level trim, with HEMI-induced sizzle and taut handling. My point in this exercise is to emphasize the unbeatable ratio of interior volume to exterior size that minivans provide. Most drivers wouldn't be intimidated about driving a sedan the size of today's Dodge Charger around town, so why be intimidated by the thought of driving today's maxi-size minivan in and through urban congestion?



2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Road Test
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